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In-Car DAB Adapter with LCD Display

  • DAB/DAB+ receiver

  • Wireless or cable connection to car radio
  • System information displayed on a 2x16 LCD display
  • Smart FM Transmitter with AFC technology
  • Easy installation by yourself in 5 minutes

 Why AFC (Automatic Frequency Change) function is essential


The CA260 is equipped with a smart FM transmitter. Our smart FM transmitter component comes with a unique AFC technology (patent pending) that finds the clearest available FM transmitting frequency for our FM transmitter then forces your car radio to tune to the same frequency automatically without you bothering to touch any buttons, completely hands-free.


If you want to drive and listen to DAB or the music playing by smartphone/MP3 player through your car radio wirelessly, you will need a FM transmitter.  However, while you are driving, the audio output will become distorted anytime the FM transmitterˇ¦s frequency is being interfered with.  For FM transmitter without AFC, you will need to do the following manually in order to continue to listen to the clear audio:

1.   Find an unused FM frequency by tuning your car radio.

2.   Change FM transmitter to use the same unused frequency.

3.   Repeat above steps each time the audio output becomes distorted.  


Thus, this can be hazardous and inconvenient for the driver.  With our smart FM transmitter, you donˇ¦t have to do anything and the audio output is always clear.  AFC continuously detects the quality of signal reception and each time it finds the frequency is being interfered with, it does the frequency change automatically for you.


  • Upgrade your existing in-car FM-RDS radio system to receive DAB/DAB+ and DMB-R (option) digital radio services.

  • Play your MP3 player or iPod® through your car stereo.

  • Audio output to your car stereo can either be wireless by FM Transmission or wired by direct cabling.

  • AFC (Automatic Frequency Change) Technology ˇV exclusive AFC technology provides a totally hands-free solution to ensure uninterrupted listening to DAB or external audio source thru your in-car FM/RDS radio (patent pending).

  • AutoScan ˇV to find a free frequency automatically for FM transmission when car radioˇ¦s AF (Alternative Frequency) feature is disabled or not available.

  • Simple to install

    1. Wireless connection using FM-RDS micro-transmitter and no complex cabling to your existing in-car radio

    2. Powered from standard 12V cigar lighter socket

    3. Compatible with all in-car FM-RDS radio systems

  • Easy to use

    1. Full/Quick auto scanning for DAB/DAB+ and DMB (option)

    2. 3 sets of DAB preset to easily save your favorite DAB stations available in different areas to different DAB preset 

    3. 4 memory keys for up to 12 preset DAB stations per DAB preset, a total of 36 DAB station presets

    4. A last station key to return to the previous listening DAB station instantly Station names and system information displayed on LCD

    5. Tone/balance/volume controlled through existing in-car radio system

  • Work with a high performance aerial for DAB signal reception.

  • WorldDMB profile 1 ˇV compliant

  • Capable of decoding all DAB transmission modes 1-4

  • RF Frequency Range:Band III: 174 MHz ~ 240 MHz

  • RF Sensitivity:Band III: -98dBm ~ -100dBm

  • Input Impedance: 50Ω

  • Far off Selectivity: 42dB (min)

  • Adjacent Channel Selectivity: 30db (min)

  • Power Consumption: 2.65W

  • Mains Power:

    Input: DC 11-16V

    Output: DC 5V,1A

  • Operating Temperature Range:  -10˘J ~ +70˘J

  • Storage Temperature Range:  -40˘J ~ +85˘J

  • Dimensions: 100(W) x 78(H) x 25(D) mm

  • Weight: 340g

  • Audio in: 3.5 mm/stereo

  • Audio out: 3.5 mm/stereo


Note: To properly perform the function of AFC, the in-car radio must be a RDS radio with AF enabled

ˇ°iPod® is a registered trademark of Apple.


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